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A moment of eternal grace
Taken in 1999 by Jean-Michel Hamon, the Toucan Brasserie takes the initiative to offer a revisited brasserie cuisine with accents of bistronomy.

You will find at home the reliable values of a brewery card doubled over the seasons by suggestions as timely as alchechant and a menu of the market that also changes during the year. The decoration made with the complicity of the famous Belgian designer Armand Jonckers gives the restaurant a warm and timeless atmosphere.

“Le Toucan resterait pour moi un moment de grâce éternel. Je la vois encore entrer, me chercher, s’asseoir face à moi, le temps à peine d’ôter ses lunettes et de découvrir ses yeux, et moi lui demander sans détour et avec le sourire : « Que me voulez-vous ? ».

Sa réponse avait fusé, on ne peut plus rapide et claire, énoncée sans sourire et presque gravement : « Vivre une histoire d’amour avec vous ! ». Le temps venait de s’arrêter, je fis semblant de presque rien. Ma vie venait de basculer. J’étais là au Toucan, devant elle.”

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No stress, you are here at home. Our valet service will take care of your vehicle as soon as you arrive. No need to walk or look for a place!
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For your evenings, seminars or conferences, our banquet hall will be your best ally. We have 40 seats for maximum comfort, contact Christophe at +32473670092.



A gourmet terrace that in summer offers to the rays of the sun, such an immaculate space like a pebble … A colorful and lively atmosphere for a modern and warm brasserie cuisine!



Amateur of crustaceans or seafood? Our shellfish Toucan Sur Mer, located 50 meters from the Toucan Brasserie, offers fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

You can also download our PDF menu.

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Pâtes & Légumes


“Who knows how to taste wine never drinks wine again, but tastes secrets instead” (Salvador Dali)

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Toucan at home
Want to have your seafood platter delivered to your home?

It’s quite possible with our online store! Order through our website and our valet service will deliver shells and crustaceans.


You can also download takeaway menu.


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We are open 7 days a week from 11am to 11pm.
Please reserve before 5pm for a reservation the same day or directly by phone on +32 2 345 30 17.

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For your evenings, seminaries or conferences, our banquet room will be your best ally
We have 40 seats for maximum comfort.

Do not hesitate to contact Christophe, our sales manager at +32 479 50 80 69, for more information.